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Law Advocate Group, LLP is a Top Beverly Hills Law Firm that serves the greater Los Angeles Area. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys have over 80 years of combined knowledge and experience in Business Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Law, and Real Estate Law. Put that expertise by your side. Below you will find our Attorneys who will defend, and assert your legal rights with the highest quality of professional experience and diligence. Visit our practice areas for a full list of our legal services we provide in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorneys LA

Ryan Agsalud

Senior Partner – Ryan Agsalud

Having learned from some of the nation’s best criminal defense attorneys, Ryan uses his criminal background to handle similar criminal litigation matters and helps grow the firm’s civil litigation practice. Ryan has negotiation and contract-drafting experience, having handled contracts for music, film and television and having worked with artists, producers and directors.

Law Specialties Include but are not limited to:

Criminal Law, Drug Trafficking Crimes, Entertainment Law
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Doron F.Eghbali

Senior Partner – Doron F. Eghbali

Doron litigates and negotiates contracts for start-up companies and high net-worth individuals from the early stages of business formation to litigating complex cases. He has represented entrepreneurs in different industries with different needs and potential. Doron has represented celebrities and multi-million dollar companies and individuals in complex transactions and multi-party litigations. Doron prides himself on being accessible to his clients and providing them knowledgeable and insightful advice. Doron is a prolific writer with publications in various media outlets. He has also lectured on various legal issues including business and real estate law. Doron has been a legal analyst on BBC. Doron has, also, interned for Judge Cynthia Dianne Steel in Las Vegas and Senator Ron Wyden in Washington DC.

Law Specialties Include but are not limited to:

Business Law, Business Transactions, Corporate Law, Entertainment Law, Real Estate Law
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Criminal Defense Attorneys beverly Hills

Pal A. Lengyel-Leahu

Of Counsel – Pal A. Lengyel-Leahu

Pal is a former Judge Advocate Officer (JAG). He started his career in the Federal Court system and continues to excel in that arena. He is a familiar face in court rooms all around California and the United States.

He has tirelessly defended those accused of crimes whose lives appeared to be at the lowest point of decline. He has received accolades from jurors, judges, and adversaries before whom he practiced his craft: litigation. His approach is to amass all of the facts — both good and bad — research every angle, leave no stone unturned.

Law Specialties Include but are not limited to:

Criminal Defense Law, Drug Trafficking Crimes, Murder, Child Abuse, Sex Crimes
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