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santa monica criminal defense attorneyHave you been charged with homicide? If so, we don’t have to tell you the potentially devastating repercussions that a conviction would bring. At Law Advocate Group, LLP, we can equip you with a highly qualified Santa Monica homicide lawyer who not only understands the legal process inside and out, but also possesses the skills necessary to demonstrate your case to a jury in a highly convincing manner. Every client is innocent until proven guilty, and in the American legal system, guilt must be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Our experts excel in highlighting the weaknesses in the case against you, and in using pinpoint logic to make your case.


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It is important to stress that murder is not the same as homicide. All murders fall under the umbrella of homicide, but not all homicides constitute murder, and this is an extremely important distinction to make. Homicide can constitute manslaughter, murder or lawful killing, and the surrounding details are critically important in determining the outcome of a homicide case. Our Santa Monica homicide law firm specializes in outlining the surrounding details of a case in the interest of our clients, and we accomplish this through careful investigation, analysis, witness interviews, forensics, and other research. When you choose Law Advocate Group, you get a Santa Monica homicide attorney with your best interests at heart, and we work tirelessly to secure the optimal outcome on your behalf.


It is critical to secure the best legal team possible, because prosecutors are especially aggressive in homicide cases. The prosecution will work tirelessly to secure a conviction, using their full breadth of persuasion and aggressive manipulation to convict you to the fullest extent of the law, and if you settle for anything but the best defense, you will find yourself steamrolled by a team of legal sharks. These prosecutors will exploit any potential weaknesses in your case to turn the jury against you, and so you need a team that is fully prepared to match their aggressive and competency with an even greater level of persuasive prowess. At Law Advocate LLP, our legal experts provide precisely that.


From the pre-trial and preliminary hearings to the negotiations and trial, we work without compromise to level the playing field and give you the defense you deserve. Our experts are of the highest caliber, and they stress even the most minute details to ensure that no mistakes are made in your defense. We understand that the stakes are extremely high, and so we treat every case with the utmost delicacy and urgency. Without a high-level attorney on your side, your chances of prevailing are slim, but with the experts at Law Advocate Group, you can rest assured that your case is in excellent hands.


The fact is, prosecutors have the upperhand in any homicide case. As unfair as it may be, the seriousness of the word “homicide” can automatically sway a jury in favor of prosecution, no matter what the evidence suggests. That’s why it’s so important to bring on an aggressive legal team that understands how to articulate the evidence in a highly compelling manner, thereby casting doubt on any biases or negative assumptions that a jury may have.


Classifications of Homicide

img_othersAs previously emphasized, not all homicides are created equal. It is critically important to understand this, because the specific type of homicide will greatly influence the likelihood of a conviction as well as the degree of sentencing in the event of a conviction. There are 5 specific classifications of homicide, defined as follows:

  • First degree murder. This is the most serious form of homicide, as it constitutes premeditated murder. A conviction could mean a life sentence or even the death penalty in the State of California, and so any Santa Monica homicide lawyer must be adept at pointing out the weaknesses in any first-degree murder charge.
  • Second degree murder. This constitutes non-premeditated murder, though it can still warrant a murder conviction and must be treated as highly serious. Second degree murder may result from an assault in which the suspect knew that murder was a distinct possibility.
  • Voluntary manslaughter. This is defined as the killing of a person with no prior intent, possibly in a “the heat of passion” situation, carried out under circumstances that would cause emotional or mental disturbance.
  • Involuntary manslaughter. This is an unintentional killing resulting from criminal negligence or a low-level misdemeanor or felony, such as a DUI.
  • Lawful killing. This may also be referred to as justifiable homicide, and is typically defined as a homicide that prevents greater harm to innocents. It may constitute the justifiable killing of a suspect by a police officer, or an act of self-defense during an armed home invasion.


It’s important to establish the intent and surrounding details in any homicide case, because this will greatly influence the final outcome. The experts at our Santa Monica homicide law firm will work with you to build the strongest case possible, based on indisputable evidence and a careful record of events. Most importantly, we’ll collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that you fully understand the process, and are informed on what’s happening and what our best course of action is. You’ll never be left in the dark, and your legal team will always fight tirelessly on your side.


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