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Los Angeles Child Abuse AttorneyChild abuses cases are extremely complex, and must be handled with the utmost care and expertise. At Law Advocate Group, LLP, our expert team has more than 80 years of combined experience in child abuse law, and we have handled thousands of related cases. If you need an expert team on your side, contact us today about finding the very best Los Angeles child abuse attorney for your case.

Our offices are conveniently located in Beverly Hills, and we serve clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area and all throughout Southern California. We employ some of the top Los Angeles Child Abuse Attorneys in the area. All of whom have been granted prestigious awards and universal acclaim from peers, legal advisories, and clients alike. We work aggressively to ensure that your rights are adequately represented, and we fight tirelessly to ensure the optimal outcome for your child abuse case. When you choose Law Advocate Group, LLP, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the type of representation that delivers results.


Don’t hesitate another moment!! There are specific procedures that must be followed, and the longer you wait to file your claim, the more you will be at a disadvantage. Learn why Law Advocate Group, LLP, is the premiere Law Firm for Child Abuse Cases in Los Angeles.



Find a Knowledgeable Child Abuse Attorney in LA

There are many reasons to choose Law Advocate Group, LLP, when you need a qualified Los Angeles Child Abuse Attorney, and here are just a few.

  • Our team of top-notch Los Angeles child abuse attorneys boast nearly a century of combined experience in sex crime law. Not only do we understand child abuse laws in Los Angeles, but we understand the importance of having a rock-solid criminal defense team on your side. We proudly serve Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and all of the greater Los Angeles area.


  • Our attorneys have won some of the top legal awards in the business, and have received stellar reviews from peers, customers, and governing bodies alike. Get in touch with us to learn more about the many prestigious commendations and testimonials that we have received, and see for yourself why Law Advocate Group, LLP, remains the leading child abuse and sex crime defense firm in the Los Angeles area.


  • We combine knowledge and experience with an aggressive approach to ensure the optimal outcome with our clients. Not only do we understand the process, but we fight tooth-and-nail for our clients, often when others won’t. Sex Crime and Child Abuse law is a tough game, and you need an ally who is willing to fight tirelessly on your behalf. That’s where we come in. When you need the best Los Angeles Child Abuse Attorney, you won’t do better than Law Advocate Group, LLP.


How Does it Work?

Los Angeles Child Abuse AttorneyLos Angeles County must meet very specific requirements in these types of cases. When the county submits information to the Department of Justice to list anyone on the Child Abuse Central Index ( CACI ), it must provide you with written notice. If you find yourself in the position, it is critical that you get in touch with a knowledgeable Los Angeles Child Abuse Attorney right away, in order to fight for your rights within the legal timeframe. At Law Advocate Group, LLP, we understand the requirements, the restrictions, and the regulations, so we can work with you before time runs out. You have specific rights in these cases, but you need legal representation from a knowledgeable Los Angeles child abuse attorney who can help you to navigate the complex legal system.


Our experts will review the evidence and speak to witnesses prior to the hearing, in order to help you build a strong and convincing case. Depending on the circumstances of the case, witnesses may then be brought in to testify on your behalf. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate to the county why their claim against you should be altered or withdrawn altogether. Our firm works to demonstrate the weaknesses in the county’s evidence and present a convincing case on your behalf, after which the hearing officer submits his/her recommendations to the County Director. It is then at the discretion of the director whether to adopt, reject, or modify the decision recommended by the court.


Time is of the Essence – ACT NOW!

It’s very important that you adhere to the stringent time guidelines, because failure to do so can result in your name remaining on the Child Abuse Central Index for 10 years, and that designation can have wide-reaching impacts on your life. Don’t let a child abuse claim ruin your life. Get in touch with a qualified Los Angeles child abuse lawyer at Law Advocate Group, LLP.


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If there is one thing that is worth emphasizing again and again, it’s that these types of cases are extremely time-sensitive. So don’t hesitate another moment. Our team is here to answer all of your questions and to help you better understand your rights — as well as the legal process. We’ll listen to your situation, provide expert advice, and let you know if we feel that we’re the right firm for you. If you decide to go with us, we will fight tirelessly to defend your rights, because to us, you’re more than just a client. You’re a full-fledged partner.


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